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Our Mission

At Rebel Health, we passionately work to empower individuals to RECLAIM their birthright to wellness so that they can REBUILD their connection to what truly nourishes them in body, mind, and soul, and REJOICE in a lifetime of vitality and fulfillment.

We do this by offering top-notch wellness coaching and educational resources that provide you with the tools, motivation, and honest information that you need to take back your health and live your life to the fullest on your terms.

Our Philosophy

As rebels, we dare to challenge the status quo:

  • We DO NOT ACCEPT the belief that we are destined to get old and sick and that drugs will “sustain” us into our “golden years.”
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT that you need to rely on pharmaceuticals, surgery, invasive screenings, diets, fads and whatever else you are being sold in order to maintain “good health.”
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT the wide range of misinformation about nutrition that we have been force fed through deceptive advertising and outright false “facts” about processed foods and drugs that are toxic to our bodies.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT that if you’re older, it’s too late to turn back the clock and reclaim your health; and
  • We DO NOT ACCEPTthat we are powerless over the current state of affairs in health and the environment.

Instead, we believe that our bodies are designed to take care of themselves if we let them. In fact, inside of you is all the wisdom and power you need to start being healthy in a way that makes sense to you right now.

We believe true and lasting health is achievable and attainable for anyone that wants it. And if you’re willing to do the work, we’ll partner with you to make it happen. Read on to see what you can expect from us.

Our Values

At Rebel Health, we believe in

  • Being honest to the core. – If we say we’re going to do something we do it. We act with the highest ethical standards and with the utmost honesty. We understand that how we do something is just as important as what we do. We also believe in the importance of restoring the integrity in the health and food industries. Wellness is our birthright, not a privilege for the few.

  • Living Passionately and Unapologetically- At Rebel Health, we believe that the time to give what’s in our heart a voice is NOW… even if it means taking risks, being vulnerable, or going against convention. We know that life is not a dress rehearsal but a journey to be enjoyed and that health is not a destination, but our innate, true state of being that serves as our power to enjoy our lives to the fullest.
  • Celebrating our independence and our interconnectedness – We believe the best way to change the world is to inspire and support changed individuals. We start with changing ourselves so that we can inspire others with our actions and grow the ranks of an awakened tribe. United by common principles, we support one another and collectively serve the greater good.
  • Practicing radical self-acceptance – As we pursue better health and learn better habits, LOVE is always the driver of our actions. We refuse to motivate ourselves to change through fear or feelings of lack. Instead, we remember we are whole, not broken, and worthy of love right now even with our supposed imperfections.
  • Realizing freedom through devotion – Devoting one’s self to a higher vision for what’s possible is what gives us the power to stay the course, even when it gets hard and we don’t “feel” like it. We truly are rebels. But we are rebels with a cause and a vision, and we know we have a responsibility to choose that vision for a better, healthier life every day with conviction and compassion.
  • Raising Consciousness – As we raise our level of awareness and grow with new insights and wisdom, we share what we learn with others to inspire both self-actualization for individuals and collective transformation for all.
  • Activating intention – We dare to make our dreams a reality by activating our values and living what we stand for. We reject the idea of staying blissfully ignorant in a spiritual bubble. We know our potential for good only comes alive once it is shared.
  • Transforming Lives – We want results. In fact, we need results because we aren’t going to change our world for the better with empty promises or wishful thinking.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we are co-creators of a new and healthier reality for all.
We believe the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants relies on us staying awake, curious, and open. We reject the way society can breed shame and separation by focusing on our insecurities, and instead we choose to focus on our inherent goodness within.

Our vision is one of a society that turns back the destruction we are allowing to ourselves, our children, and our planet by returning to true nourishment of our bodies, minds and souls. We know that change starts from the inside out, and in each of us lies the power to heal our bodies, minds, communities, and planet. Empowered and standing together, we become a formidable force for good in this world. We dare to live on purpose and ignite our passion for living lighter, cleaner, sharper, stronger…and HAPPIER together.

It starts with us and it starts now. Come join us, and we’ll leave our mark, one rebel at a time.

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We have  a no  spam policy.
*We have a no spam policy