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This program includes

  • A 2-hour home visit to do a complete “state of the pantry” assessment to determine target areas for optimal upgrade
  • A copy of Rebel Health’s “Reboot Your Health” Manual with comprehensive information about an expansive range of nutritional and health topics including detailed shopping lists and resources to get you started in transforming your pantry quickly and stress free
  • One supermarket shopping excursion guided by your Rebel Health expert to give you a first-hand experience in learning how to be a conscious consumer in all things health, including learning what products and brands to avoid and what to purchase so you can get the best bang for your buck when it comes to your health.
  • A structured plan of action to get you transitioning smoothly to the new nourishing foods and ingredients in your pantry so that you can establish healthy habits that last.
  • Two 30-minute follow up calls in the month following the home visit to track progress and troubleshoot in any areas where you are experiencing unexpected challenges.
  • Unlimited Email / text access for questions during your Pantry transformation

In our work together, we will focus on

  • Identifying target areas for optimal transformation and health upgrade
  • Developing key strategies for maintaining your new revitalized pantry with no fuss or stress so you can ensure for long term positive impact on your health
  • Educating you on how to read labels effectively and knowing which hidden ingredients to look for and avoid
  • Understanding how to minimize food cravings, energy crashes, and mood swings by altering your daily diet
  • Identifying techniques to get you and your whole household on board with new healthy eating habits, even when you don’t always “feel like it”


You choose! Let me explain. I work on a sliding scale where you get to choose the price point that works best for you based on your integrity and your resources. You can pay one of the following:

  • $380 pays for the basic material costs, workbook, and creation of yourcustomized pantry transition plan
  • $575 pays for all of the above + the time, energy and labor that I put into making this a transformative experience for you
  • $725 pays for all of the above and allows more space within my business to be able to offer trust-based sliding scales like this one.

In addition, two-part payment plans are available, at request, for each of these price points. Send a note to info-@-rebelhealth-dot-com with the subject “Reboot Your Health Payment Plan” and I will get you set up ASAP.

Rebel Health’s “Sustain Your Success” Add-On Package

After completing one of your initial packages above, if you still want an extra dose of accountability and motivation to keep you on track and moving in the right direction, consider adding on this special “Sustain Your Success” package:

  • Receive a monthly follow-up session to review your current progress; identify and troubleshoot any obstacles arising on the path; and re-chart your course for continued optimization in all things health.
  • Get access to the latest and greatest news and updates in the Rebel Health community, including discounts on special health related products to support you on your journey.
  • Unlimited email/text support between sessions


We keep these follow-ups, check-in sessions at our lowest rate possible to support you in your long-term health. Each sessions is only $75/session, and you can use 1 session/month and purchase as many as you like.


We have  a no  spam policy.
*We have a no spam policy