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One of Rebel Health’s most sacred principles is the power of community. Individuals working together in support of one another towards a common goal of improving their health at all levels creates a mighty force of motivation and success. Group synergy can be the catalytic impetus that transforms us as individuals, and together we can become a more conscious community impacting real change in our world.

At Rebel Health, we have designed group programs that are highly adaptable to be offered at virtually any locale. Our group facilitation works two tracks simultaneously, so we can address the needs at the individual level, and the needs of the group as well. We design our group programs to create a safe place for robust group discussion, partner shares, and self-inquiry exercises. Whether you’re trying to motivate people around a certain health cause, offer them education and insight on how to improve their overall health or just create an opportunity for real connection to self and others in a group setting, Rebel Health can craft an experience for you that meets your objectives.

Workplace Programs

We believe that no matter what business you are in, the healthier your employees, the more productive, creative, and energetic work force you will have to drive your company towards success. Rebel Health will educate your employees about how they can nourish themselves physically and mentally in a way that they can embrace and get passionate about. Putting your employees in a position to take charge of their health will improve their lives, your company’s morale, and your bottom line.

Topics for group programming can address a wide variety of issues, including everything from stress relief and prevention to how to eat well during the work day. Here are several of our most popular topics:

  1. Sugar – why we crave it, where it’s hidden and linkage to chronic diseases
  2. Gut Health – the importance of repairing and maintaining a healthy digestive system (probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, hydrocolon therapy).
  3. Caffeine – drug in a mug or superfood?
  4. Fats – the good, the bad and the ugly
  5. Reading food labels and becoming an educated consumer
  6. Emotional eating and food addiction
  7. Defining Your Vision for Nourishment in all areas of your life
  8. Firing your inner critic and upgrading self-talk for better health
  9. Stress – it really is a silent killer; how it impacts us and effective ways to reduce it
  10. Sleep –how much is enough, factors that disrupt it and ways to improve sleep quality

This is not an exhaustive list. We can give presentations on all sorts of health-related topics, and we encourage you to call us today to discuss how we can customize a presentation suitable for your needs.

Sherry H

“Peter taught and spoke from the heart, tapping into his own personal journey, research, and implementation. He generously shared his insights and wisdom, he was compassionate and respectful, and most of all, he truly wanted to empower us to take control of our bodies and our lives, so that we can become the very best version of ourselves.”
-Sherry H.

Wellness Centers

Our group workshops have also been enthusiastically embraced by wellness companies of all varieties whether they be fitness clubs, yoga studios, spas, or other health facilities. We find the clientele’s current devotion to betterment to be a natural fit for Rebel Health’s holistic mind, body, and soul approach to nourishment.

Our programs can be hand-tailored to seamlessly complement your current offering and help broaden your curriculum with informative, transformational workshops designed to educate your clientele on how to get healthy from the inside out. In addition to being incredibly beneficial for the participants themselves, our workshops are also created to elevate your reputation as a center offering top-notch programming in personal well-being and development. Our engaging, educational, and motivational offerings will have your participants fully involved and ready for more. During our free consultation, we can uncover what program topics and offerings might be best for you.

Community Events

Group workshops can also be offered at any of the following establishments:

  • Churches

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Colleges
  • Medical Facilities
At Rebel Health, we can also be hired to be a guest speaker for webinars and wellness summits. In addition, we can also orchestrate customized “Group Health Challenges” to motivate your group members around your specific health initiatives. To discuss your group empowerment needs with us, please schedule your free consultation today.

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