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At Rebel Health, we believe that you hold the key to unlocking your potential for long-lasting vitality, clarity, and empowerment. Truly, all the wisdom necessary to reclaim and maintain your health is already within you.

“If that’s so,” you may be asking,

“then why does it feel so challenging to motivate myself to create a healthy life and keep living that way?”

Well, to put it simply – sometimes your inherent wisdom gets blocked, and you forget how powerful you really are. When you lose touch with that inner knowing, you become more susceptible to the onslaught of misinformation out there about health and well-being from outside sources telling you what you should and should not do to stay healthy, many of which don’t really have your best interests in mind

It seems like every day, we get a new contradictory report telling us the exact opposite of what we’ve already been told. What was once touted as a health miracle is now declared the latest health hazard. Remember when soy was great for you? And now it’s terrible. And red wine – does a glass a day help prevent heart disease, or does it increase your cholesterol? Depends what study you read (and who is conducting it). What’s the latest “best” diet? Low carb, low fat, ketogenic, Mediterranean, South Beach, Atkins, calorie counting, Paleo, vegan or dozens of others?

Add in all the differing recommendations out there about exercise and sleep, and the endless amount of misleading and even blatantly incorrect information about supplements, prescription drugs, and food; and it’s enough to make your head spin.

It’s no wonder so many of us are fed up with it all, and some of us have opted out of the conversation all together. Learning how to get healthy has become more than just confusing; it’s become downright demoralizing, especially as you get older. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not any longer.

A Customized Plan Designed Just for You

Indeed, all the “noise” out there in the health and wellness industries, and the food and medical industries too, can make it next to impossible to hear that wise inner voice of yours. So, we’re here to remind you of something:

No matter how bad things have gotten for you in terms of your health, it’s never too late to start turning it all around.

Our individual coaching programs are designed to give you optimal and long-lasting results that you can implement today and enjoy for years to come.

“I took Peter’s Rebel Health workshop series earlier this year and was blown away by his knowledge, enthusiasm, and sincerity.  Peter not only covered topics in nutrition, health, and wellness, he also touched upon relationships, self-inquiry, and mindfulness.  While I considered myself well informed and already living a fairly healthy lifestyle, I learned tons from the series and there were many eye-opening realizations. I  was able to apply Peter’s tips and reap what I had learned immediately. We received a wealth of handouts which we could use as reference and to read at our leisure.  Peter encouraged us to contact him anytime we needed, and was readily accessible. “-Sherry H.

The Rebel Health Standard

True to our name, we’re not the typical run-of-the mill health coaching program. We aim to go deeper than just a conversation about food. Attaining and maintaining good health extends far beyond our diet alone. The Rebel Health experience is a “health for life” approach that guides you through transformation at every level – body, mind, and soul.

If you really want to awaken your potential within, then you’re going to need to make some changes in how you do things. You’re going to need to question your habits, tendencies, and default patterns. In many ways, it may feel like a radical “un-programming” of sorts as you learn to filter out “the noise” and dis-mantle your self-sabotage techniques so you can reconnect to your inherent truth within.

Make no mistake. This work will challenge you, but it will also be one of the most rewarding, liberating, and life transforming experiences you’ll ever have.

A Renewed You

At Rebel Health, we understand “health” not as a destination, but rather as a way of being in the world. Knowing that, it’s important to understand that once you’ve completed your individualized coaching program with us, you’re really only at the very beginning of your journey. With renewed connection to your inner wisdom and equipped with the best knowledge and tools to maintain your well-being, you’ll have all you need to enjoy a long, robust life full of passion, creativity, and peace of mind.

The Time to Reclaim Your Health is NOW – Let’s Get Started

Look. We’ll tell it to you straight. There’s always going to be an excuse to postpone your health if you’re looking for one. We get that this can feel intimidating to take a deep and honest look at your health, especially if you’ve been avoiding the topic for years.

Inevitably though, after years and years of taking your health for granted in one way or another, the bill is going to come due. And it may be a doozy. Perhaps you are already in some phase of dis-ease — always tired; unmotivated; dissatisfied with your physique; or experiencing persistent pain and discomfort.

Whatever your condition, it doesn’t matter-
you are welcome here!

You have the power (even if you can’t feel that right now) and we have the people to help you.

So, are you ready to reclaim your birthright to wellness?

Still not sure?

If you are hesitant, then when is the right time? After the holidays? After the summer? Next week? On Monday? No more excuses.

Let’s do it NOW.

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to look within to uncover that wisdom that’s been there all along. Imagine what would be possible if you truly felt nourished on every level!

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We have  a no  spam policy.
*We have a no spam policy